Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sit Awhile

A Wing Back recliner definitely will encourage sitting anywhere in a home. The entertainment cabinet would be complete with a flat screen T.V. sitting on top. It is fitted out inside for all the wires and cables that come along with that modern convenience. My husband would be thrilled with the T.V. part since I am the last hold out in that respect.


Jen said...

We have a couple of those recliners, and we LOVE them!!!!
Looks really good Cherry!

Cherry said...

Its great that you both have one so there are no fights. LOL !!

proctor girl said...

A cozy setting or any home! But what's behind those curtains is really a surprise-

Cherry said...

Like to have a few suprises to make you want to keep on coming back. Enjoyed your visit today , its always a treat to see you.