Friday, October 30, 2009

Almost Time !!!!

Our annual Candlelight Cider Open House is less than a week away and preparations are already under way. We will be working Sunday and Monday to make the shop ready for Christmas. The Open House is Nov. 3rd thru 7th

Below are some pictures of last year's event.

These early birds are eagerly waiting for ten o'clock to arrive. We usually have a number of shoppers arrive early to have first pick at some of the limited handmades and perhaps an antique treasure that has just arrived.

It's always fun to see cars lined up in the parking lot each year. Inside, shoppers are discovering all the wonderful things gathered for the Christmas holidays.

Each year we decorate uniquely themed trees throughout the shop. These shoppers are looking at the Santa tree. One of our annual traditions is serving homemade baked goods and cider to welcome our friends. We hope you can come and join us this year!


basketsnprims said...

Love your Santa tree!

Cherry said...

Thanks! It is always fun finding things to decorate the trees.

Jen said...

The shop last year looked wonderful, love how you have all the treasures up high, it looks great!

Cherry said...

Well those "treasures" have to go somewhere and sometimes up is all we have left. Those snowgirls did sell from their high perch.

proctor girl said...

Thank you for letting me share in your tears and joy....you truly out did yourself once again! On to 2010!!!!!!

Cherry said...

Without all your help and the other elves it would not have all come together. It has been a sucessful week. :) Thanks to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have a great shop and some very happy customers there :) Hello from VA. I wish we had some nicer shops like yours here in my parts. They are so far away so have to travel hours to shop for goodies.