Thursday, September 24, 2009

Old Baskets

Nice early baskets I just acquired. Actually the one on the chair is not "old" but has a good look. How are we going to fill them? Anyone have their favotite thing to do with baskets? Do you want to share? We might show one of your ideas here.


TeresaM said...

I love all the baskets!!! I have some baskets hanging from beams in my sitting room among the drieds.

Cherry said...

That is certainly a great way to show off their design and shape.

proctor girl said...

Oh how I would love to live in the country! Just back from Warrenton. Drieds of every shape and form...huge oak leaves with acorns, crab apples, maize, and bittersweet adorned every container I saw. These are great fall basket fillers!!!!! I LOVE Fall!

Cherry said...

You are right !!! Drieds really do speak of fall and would make nice gatherings in baskets.