Friday, September 4, 2009

Primitiques Shipment Has Arrived !!!!

Lots to unpack. If it were a little cooler outside, it would feel like Christmas!

Lucky for me, my husband and son came to unpack and recycle.

So much fun to see all the Primitiques furniture and treasures.

It's beginning to take shape. Stay tune to see the final result or better yet, come by for a visit this Saturday!


proctor girl said...

What a great TEASER! I think this may be your best blog post ever. Never have I seen you as excited about anything as this new line unless its Xmas Open House at Gatherings.

Cherry said...

You are right girl friend! This is absolutely a wonderful furniture line and great folks to deal with. The room looks really early and prim so you definitely will want to take a look. By the way Open House will start Nov 3rd and that certainly is another high point.