Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dry Sink

Wonderful old dry sink with one drawer and square nails. One of my recent finds. It would make a nice addition to practically any place in your home.


Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Just breath taking!! Bet the shipping costs are out of this world to. Oh I would love a piece like that. I bet it sells quickly!

Cherry said...

It got noticed today and measured. So maybe it will find a new home soon.:)

basketsnprims said...

Love the dry sink & your blog. I just found your blog & dearly love antiques. I wish you sold online for your smalls. I collect yelloware, crocks, blue & white graniteware, etc. Have a wonderful day.

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Fantastic piece! You will be selling that soon!

Cherry said...

Pam, I certainly can understand your love of antiques,there is so much heritage in an old piece. If you see a small or smalls contact me via my email or phone and I would be happy to give you prices on anything. I am right across the street from the UPS and USP is on the way to the shop. I would be happy to send out anything that might make your heart sing. Selling online has been a thought but at this time I don't know that I am ready to venture that way. Thanks for stopping by to see my gatherings.