Monday, May 25, 2009

Future Shop Owner

Jacob is my nine year old grandson who is interested in owning Gatherings some day. He has worked behind the counter and even sold some of his own items in the store. Thanks to sweet customer Jane.

Retail Buyer In Training

Ben is my seven year old grandson who appears to be checking on an order back in the storeroom /office. He may be purchasing inventory for the shop someday. He has a good eye for color and design and would be an asset to the shop.


Merrilyn said...

Hi Cherry, Looks like you are getting some great help from Jacob and Ben. I know it must be nice having them around the shop and in training so that you can take a vacation some day!

Cherry said...

Obviously I kinda think my little grandguys at=re special. They love exploring the shop. It is a big adventure.

jacob Whittington said...

thank you nana