Sunday, August 13, 2017

Seeing Orange!!

Yes! It has been since February since I have posted here. A friend kindly pointed that out to me lately. All I can say is sometimes life has a way of putting the best intentions on hold. Since the last post the shop has enjoyed Spring, Summer decor and now Fall has appeared. I know it might seem a tad premature for some with our hot Texas days but most have been ready to think of the season ahead. We can just crank our A.C.a bit lower and at least dream.......

Dream or imagine is about all you might be able to do with this post since there are no pictures. The cell phone and Facebook has become the easy avenue and I am not able to Blog from my phone. There may be a way but I haven't figured it out yet

Back to the ORANGE though....the shop is filled with great hand made folk art , seasonal floral & textiles making it fun to add some new touches to our homes.

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By Golly Studio said...

Happy fall , Lovely blog