Saturday, January 5, 2013

What's New ??

Wouldn't you like to see what is new at the shop? I would love to show you but google has changed the way to retrieve pictures to post and I have not figured out the system. New Year and new challenges already. Not the only thing with a "bug" so far. My emails are being wacky also. I might receive an email one or  two days latter. Technology seems to be getting the best of me I am afraid.

Sorry enough complaining! I will have to just tell you what is new I suppose:

Terry Towels with three different trims
Hooked Rugs and Chair pads
Nice collection of old Crocks and Jugs
Patchwork place mats and napkins
Table Runners
Framed Pictures

There is something to be said for "A picture is worth a thousand words". Not a thousand words here but would have been more interesting to have pictures.
Maybe next time.

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