Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Snap Shots!

 Handmade stack boxes made locally. You could stash a bunch of treasures in these little cuties. The whole stack is probably only twenty inches high so would fit easily on a table top.

 A shot of an old two toned crock combined with resin bowls, food saver and a pantry cake.
 Silhouettes in their black frames have the look of days gone by.

 A red slanted bookrest makes a handy spot to perch the quill and papers. I love the backdrop of frosythia.

 Old spongeware casserole and embossed bowl fit nicely in this cupboard.

Jill Peterson's Simple Life Special Edition has just come in. We also have her summer edition. Mercantile Gatherings is in too with their cheery patriotic cover. All three magazines are full of prim eye candy.

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