Friday, November 12, 2010

Bittersweet, Rose Hips, Sweet Annie. Oh My !!!

This week has been busy with new shipments coming in and filling the storeroom. We did get them opened quickly though. Could not wait to get our new treasures in the store. Among some of the boxes were the drieds I have pictured below. A little bit of nature adds a prim touch to our homes.
Bittersweet tucked in a cupboard speaks to me. It is not native to Texas so we cherish each little sprig we get. This piece has leaves but others are berries only. Very twiggy and natural.I leave mine out year round. Even when the orange berries start fading , I love it !!

Rose hips, do speak the reds of Christmas. They are pretty in a basket, hanging from a peg or as a cupboard tuck.

Sweet Annie looks good in a kitchen, buttery or hanging just about anywhere. It is very aromatic and I have seen it tied on many hand made items, of course in smaller quantities.

I tucked rose hips in this little tree to give it some color. I think the little scoop lights are sweet, too. Oops ! I forgot to turn the tea light on. The little scoop lights came in this week also.

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