Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall Cuties !!!

Look what came in today! More wonderful handmade dolls by a very talented artist in Ohio. Sandy does a fantastic job on her dolls.

Does this big guy not have a face you could just love? He sits on top of an old bobbin and obviously the crow thinks he is worth hanging around with. So much for the life of a "scarecrow".
Out of their box these folk art creations immediately perch themselves on a mustard settle. Wonder if the guy on the left will scare the crows away with his sign saying"No Crows". They all look very happy together but the gal in the middle with her book of spells might cause a little mischief.

These little pumpkin girls look sweet in a bowl or tucked under an arm of a bigger doll. They could even hang from a cupboard door or from a peg shelf.

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