Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prim Drying Board

A little prim grouping. I think the drying board by Primitiques makes an interesting way to display towels or herbs. The towels are hand woven in Kentucky and are made from cotton. Talk about doing up well, these are so soft after they are washed. I have customers buying handfuls to dry their dishes and they love the absorbency. I was intriqued by their pattern and thought they would work nice as tuck ins or to soften a piece of furniture.


Linda ★ Parker's General said...

I *love* this idea. Thanks for sharing! Linda

Unknown said...

You always have the BEST GOODIES!!
Thanks for sharing,

Cherry said...

Linda, Sometimes the simpler the item the more of a statement it makes.It does show the towels well.

Cherry said...

Tammy,Thanks so much! I try to get different things inthe shop.

pokeberry primitives said...

Hi Cherry, I sure enjoyed your store last week! I love the drying board, I wish I could think of a place to put it. I don't have much wall space, down side of an open floor plan. Using it for herbs is a wonderful idea! <3

Cherry said...

Brandi,It is always fun to have you in the store. Open floor plans do make it a little hard to prim it up sometimes.