Monday, February 8, 2010

Touches Of Spring

A bit of Spring floral is begining to arrive at the store. As I am able to get it priced more will start to appear. Our weather outside still feels like winter but I think we all are wanting a touch of color in our homes.


Leslie Lemke said...

So pretty, we are so wanting winter to leave and spring to come!
Thanks for sharing.

Something Nice and Pretty said...

We got 24" and more to come so I've already put my sping greenery out:)


Farmhouse Primitives said...

Hi Cherry!! LOVE that winder! If I were closer it would be coming home with me. Pammie

Cherry said...

Leslie,Even if our winter is still hanging on our homes can begin to have some cheery color to brighten up our lives. I love burning candles also at this time of the year with the fragrance filling the air.

Cherry said...

Rondell, I just came back from twenty plus inches of snow in Philly and welcomed the rain in Texas. I can see why you would be ready for Spring with all that snow.

Cherry said...

Pammie, If I had only known I could have brought the winder on up to you from Philly. LOL !!! Are you getting snow where you are?