Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Off To Market

I leave this morning for markets in Valley Forge ,Pennsylvania. I plan to bring some goodies back in the extra large suitcase that I am taking. Hopefully I will have some unique handmade dolls and treasures for the eye that will be in the shop next week. Many of the things will be ordered and coming in the weeks ahead. I will be posting new things as they come in.


proctor girl said...

Having lots of fun? Can't wait to see what goodies you bring home! Remember me!!!!!

Anonymous said...

YEAH, more of your neat and wonderful things, cant wait to see what you find.

Anonymous said...
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Cherry said...

Just got back last night with two suitcases bulging and one small carry-on had my clothes. What a girl will do to bring back goodies.
LOL !! I was able to bring back some handmades.There were all kinds of finds and those will start coming in the next few weeks.