Saturday, February 5, 2011

Watch Out Snow And Ice !!

Today is the day that I depart for Pennsylvania to buy for the store. I have been watching the weather all week and keeping my fingers crossed that I am able to leave Houston as scheduled.
After having an ice storm in Houston Friday, it does make one wonder. This is the market that has those special hand made items and goods that accent our prim homes. I will be back in the store on Thursday with a few goods that I can pack in that extra large suitcase that I am taking for that purpose. The rest of the things I order and they will be coming in the weeks ahead.

Market is full of eye candy but many decisions to be made. After being on your feet for eight hours and walking for days it can be tiring. I do meet up with two friends Jen, North Carolina and Sharon, Michigan who also have stores. We room together and shop talk when we meet back up in the evenings.


NMK said...

We were supose to go to Philly today & set up our booth at the Gallery, but with rain & ice today we are staying home. I hope if you can get to the show you find nice treasures for your shop. Sounds like you have a good plan meeting with friends....I will miss seeing all the wonderful things though, but we will wait for June.
Good Luck !
Stuck in New England !!!!

proctor girl said...

I know you are at market doing what you love best! Sounds like we were the lucky ones here in Texas, the winter storm did not stop you-

Excited to come to the "trunk show" we you return. Have a fun and safe trip.

Cherry said...

So sorry you were not able to do the show in Philly. The weather certainly made it very iffy about travel and shows. I think most of the venders made it to Market Square and there was plenty of choices. I am sure people missed you not being at your show.

Cherry said...

Proctor Girl, I did find some treasures and yes the "trunk" show is on , thanks to you helping when I got back.