Monday, June 20, 2011

Red Wagon

Last week was fun during our Brown Bag Sale with many pieces of furniture finding new homes. This little red wagon will be leaving soon. Judy,the new owner had fun decking it out for July 4 th and planing all the ways she will be using it in her home.


Susan S. said...

LOVE the cute wagon! And dagnabit...I was in Stafford this weekend to pick up some Chalk Paint and Wonderfuax and should have stopped in. I'm sure I'll be back in the area soon (I'm near the Heights) and will pop in. You look like you have some great stuff and I'm interested to see what you recently got while on your antiquing road trip! Stay cool and pray for the rain we are supposed to get this week!

Angela said...

Glad the brown bag sale was a success. It sounded like a fun way to shop. Love the wagon and WOW, all the goodies inside. Sure would love to shop in your place. Always live too far away for the good stuff. Thanks for shairng.