Sunday, November 7, 2010

Snaps & Snipets !!

The Open House is over for the year but our Holiday season is just ahead. We have been busy ordering more handmade items for that unique touch to your home. This snowman looks like he is wondering where everyone went since it has been bustling all week since he hopped out of his box.
These wonderful blackened wax ornaments make a simple prim statement.

Little mini Santa's and a variety of bottle brush trees.

A great stack of hand stenciled mac he' boxes make a cabinet top come alive at Christmas. Tucked under a tree with goodies for the family would be fun also. I know you are wondering about the wonderful appliqued cloth under the boxes , unfortunately they all sold and the company said they are sold out also.


Holly Hills Primitives said...

Those boxes are beautiful! I can see why they are sold out. Have a great holiday season, Dawn

Cherry said...

Actually the large boxes I do have but the table square they are sitting on is gone. Some of the small box sets have found new homes though.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

He looks like a tired postman, worn out from all his deliveries! He is simply beautiful!

Cherry said...

Linda, He kinda looks like I feel after a hectic week of Open House. Fun,rewarding but a good long nap would work wonders.

shana said...

Are those boxes still available?

Cherry said...

Shana, Yes I do still have the boxes. If you are interested email or call me. I would be willing to ship.