Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Trees For Sale !!!

The Vienna Twig Trees that I use each year have just come in but the supply is limited. We have available 6,7,and 8ft heights.They are in three parts not counting the base. Yes! They are artificial and fit in some very small spaces. At home I move one chair then slip the tree into its spot. Viola !! Ready to go for that Christmas decorating. Also another tree that just came in is an Alpine that has a wood trunk and also very narrow, it is a 6 footer. Come in quick if you have been wanting one of these for your home.


Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

Beautiful tree. I have three German Twig trees I decorate.
A 7', a 6' and a 3'.

I just came across the vienna's this year.

What is the difference between the German Twig and the Vienna Twig?

Carmen and the Primcats

Cherry said...

I think the German tree may be a little browner? They both have the wirey twigs I believe. You have a nice variety of sizes.