Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Redo !!

New to the shop is this old Hoosier cabinet. More oldies will be coming in soon.

Moving things around and making room for new arrivals. Several people have  been asking 'when will fall be out?' The answer is...we will have fall in the store next week. I think having our hot days is just making people wanting some sort of promise of cooler days.
Primitiques cabinet moved in a different spot and filled with old granite ware.

Table and chairs are ready for pumpkins and touches of fall berries. Sitting in wait but not long to go. Check back in soon and there will touches of fall to enjoy.


Jen said...

Looks Great Cherry!!!

Cherry said...

Thanks Jen! So ready to get the fall out that has been tucked away.

Cathy smith said...

Cherry the shop looks very invited as always!! Be in soon!Cathy

Cathy Smith said...

Cherry I meant to say very inviting!And while I am at it I am so glad all us customers and friends have such a wonderful place to come to visit and buy!

Cherry said...

I am very thankful for all my customers/friends that share the love of primitives with me. Thank you for your sweet comments and you are always "invited".lol !!