Friday, August 31, 2012

A Few Pictures Of Fall Gatherings

Pumpkin patch!
Bowl of wax corn with shucks.
Collection of waxed and fabric pumpkins.
Added a little fall to what I call my "baby buttery".


Carol Stuck said...

I love your fall gathering pictures. Makes me ready to pull out all my goodies and start decorating. Love fall!!

Thanks for sharing.


Raymond Homestead said...

Great fall pictures!

earlene said...

Love the pumpkins Cherry! Well all of it.

Lisa Diane said...

Oh my, those pictures are gorgeous!! I LOVE the pumpkins in the first picture - the lines in them and colors are stunning, are they real??

I'm sure it's not quite Fall WEATHER down there, yet, right? :-D My husband is from Texas, and I'm from Massachusetts (we live in NC now), so we both have horror stories to tell about weather temps! LOL
I wish you a refreshing Autumn in your lovely home! :-) Thanks for sharing!!