Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Did Santa Come Early???

Oh Goody !! Look what Santa (in a huge truck) brought, big boxes. It is always exciting to see the big trucks pull up but today was busier than usual. After these four big boxes came another truck bringing six more.

This is one of the cupboards stashed away in a huge box. I quickly tore through to find more treasures.

The possibilities are endless with this table top dry sink. I actually set it by a wing back chair and it looks great.

Like drawers? This Ol'City Tavern one of several new pieces that have drawers. You can never have too many drawers to stash stuff.


Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

Gorgeous pieces! What fun to open those boxes. :)

Merry Christmas!

jennifer768 said...

Beautiful pieces!Sounds like a fun day!Hugs,Jen

Cherry said...

It was fun seeing all the new things coming out of the boxes but it was a ton of work. Packing material and boxes everywhere. My sweet husband came over to help me dispose of all the cardboard.

Karen ~ Life In A Primitive English Cottage said...

Wonderful Pieces Cherry! I just wish I lived in the US and could come visit your store in person ::::sigh:::

Cherry said...

Karen, You are always welcome!! Of course England is a tad far. You manage to prim your home very well.

earlene said...

Cool pieces!

Merry Christmas!


Mary said...

Oh my! Those are gorgeous! I am green with envy over that dry sink. :o)