Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Colors !!

The robin's egg blue on this enamelware makes a nice contrast with the lemons. Notice that the old crate is also blue and yellow, someone else was thinking the same way. Of course zinnias tucked in anywhere adds a little cheer. This creamy cabinet I filled with grey enamelware but without the touches of red it would be rather drab. Please don't misunderstand I love drab and dark but in some cases it might need to have a little lift.


Lillie Mae Acres said...

Very pretty arrangements. I too love the darker prim drab look but usually go a little too far and have to brighten it up a bit. I currently have lemons (faux but they look so real) in my big red metal colander. And have placed bright red strawberries (faux but looks so real) next to my old rolling pin to brighten it up a bit. I love the faux fruit Michaels used to have, but lately I've noticed the quality of it does not seem the same.

Cherry said...

Sounds like you have put some nice groupings together. A touch of color certainly can add a bright spot.

jennifer768 said...

Beautiful displays!Hugs,Jen

pokeberry primitives said...

Love the look Cherry! ....very summery...I have been thinking about getting some faux lemons myself...they are just so happy<3