Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cozy Up

When the weather is cold like it is right now I think cozy home thoughts. We are not getting the snow as in other parts of the country but for us the thirties is chilly. It is the perfect time to light those candles , put a log on the fire and enjoy. I am burning Black Crow 's Prairie Butter in the store right now and it has a delicious scent of warm apple butter. Yum !! I love the pantry cake and shoo fly to left of the picture also, they speak "homey".

Speaking of being cozy these new sheets just came in from Pennsylvania this week. They are loom made and have a very soft texture. Now wouldn't it be fun nestled under these sheets?


GailinVirginia said...

Cherry, I agree this time of year is for getting warm and cozy...and I love candles, especially the Wood Wicks that crackle as they burn...
I love pretty sheets, my newest have 3 rows of French Seaming at the top...how I hope one day to own a lovely linen set; I tried for a linen sheet giveaway but, alas...still hoping for someday.
Happy New Year,

Cherry said...

Gail, Enjoy your candles and your new sheets. They sound very pretty. Stay toasty, cozy !!

Brian said...

Those sheets look cool.

Brian said...
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Cherry said...

Brian, They look and feel better in person.I may need to take a set home.