Monday, December 27, 2010

Last Tree Standing

That's right the only tree still left up in the shop. Before I left Christmas Eve I took all the trees down but this one. It will come down soon also but I ran out of time. The Christmas decorations are all in one room making it easier (I hope) to choose those after Christmas "needs".
All Christms is 40 % off so come in quickly to pick up a little something for next year.


Papaw's Girl said...

Hello,I just found your blog. The pictures of your shop are just great! This would be my dream!!! Do you have any of those "lil bitty" benches left (Nov. post) and do you ship?
Thanks so much

Cherry said...

Becky, I do have some lil' benches and yes I could ship if you are interested.They are basically three sizes. If you would email me I can give you more info and pics of what I have.